Dr. Gilmore and the TMS Shoulder Pad Cooling System

While in residency at the University of Florida, Dr. Gilmore was part of the research team responsible for inventing the revolutionary Temperature Management System (TMS).

This leading-edge innovation incorporates a cooling system directly into a football player's shoulder pads - where cool, dry air flows through the front and back of the pads. This effectively lowers a player's body temperature and keeps it from rising to dangerous levels. The added benefit of this system results in a player who is much less fatigued from heat.

The device was successfully field tested by numerous high school, collegiate and professional football teams and incorporated into the Douglas Custom Pro and Riddell Power Shoulder Pads.


closeup of the shoulder pad cooling system Dr. Gilmore's Orthopaedic and athletic expertise played an integral part in the success of this innovative Shoulder Pad Cooling System.


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