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Our Mission as Workers' Compensation Specialists

Our dedicated Workers' Compensation Department has one primary goal - to ensure your employees have the right kind of medical attention when they are injured on the job.


As Workers' Compensation Specialists in Pensacola, FL, we partner with you to ensure a successful outcome. We strive to provide both the company and the employee with the most comprehensive Workers' Compensation care and service possible, because we understand the difference between a successful claim and serious legal and health issues for both you and your injured employee.

Specialized Services

Our Work Comp team consists of our 2-Time AAOS Board Certified Orthopaedic physician, Dr. Michael Gilmore, who is licensed in the states of Florida, Alabama and Georgia; Board Certified Physical Therapists, PTAs and licensed nurses, as well as highly qualified staff members. They are dedicated to providing patients, adjusters and NCMs with the highest quality surgical and non-surgical care, including:

  • General orthopaedic surgery and Minimally Invasive Procedures
  • Adult and pediatric sprains and fractures
  • Spine, Shoulder, Hand and Upper Exrtemity
  • Hip, Knee, Leg, Ankle and Foot
  • Sports medicine and Physical Therapy
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Medical Services

  • Neck to toe non-surgical and surgical treatment of injured employees
  • Treatment of lower back and spine, including injection therapy, rhizotomy and spinal cord stimulation
  • In-house Digital Xray, MSK Ultrasound Pharmacy and Physical Therapy
  • Dedicated nurses and staff specializing in Workers' Compensation
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Administrative Services

  • DWC-25 completed and returned within 24 hours
  • Transfer of care, IME, FME and 2nd opinion
  • We utilize Evidence-Based Medicine to assist us in providing comprehensive care
  • Accept state fee schedules. including Florida, Alabama and Georgia
  • Longshoreman and Department of Labor



Client Satisfaction

Both Client and Patient are Impressed

Very impressed with how your office handled all patients. The office was overloaded due to a number of emergency cases. Dr. Gilmore ran about an hour behind, however; the office notified all patients in the waiting area.

Dr. Gilmore reviewed all the records, actually touched my Claimant, examined and asked where most of the pain existed. Believe it or not that is not often the case in this field. All questions regarding RTW, MMI, Causality answered as closely as possible and Dr. Gilmore even increased the weight limits for lifting which really helped in this case. Kelly also deserves kudos for her assistance and politeness. The patient too is impressed with Dr. Gilmore which makes a difference.

D.S. - RN, CCM

Authorization Form

Work Comp Authorization Form


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Dedicated Staff + Certified Expertise = Exceptional Service

Dr. Gilmore and Panhandle Orthopedics are now Coventry OBN Providers

Selected to Coventry Workers' Comp Outcomes-Based Network®

As a top provider in the Coventry Integrated Network®, Dr. Michael Gilmore and the staff at Panhandle Orthopaedics have now been selected as providers in Coventry's Workers' Comp Outcomes-Based Network®. This program identifies health care providers who demonstrate depth of experience treating workers' compensation injuries and have consistently better measures of clinical outcomes, medical utilization, return-to-work, and financial outcomes when compared to their peers.

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Michael Gilmore, MD - 2-Time AAOS Board Certified Fellow

Dr. Gilmore’s certified expertise, and his unwavering commitment to providing state-of-the-art and personal orthopedic care is what he pledges to you. He has been successfully treating patients of all ages in the Panhandle area since 2004 - specializing in minimally invasive surgery using the latest arthroscopic, biologic, joint preservation and restoration techniques.


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