Our Areas of Specialty

Our Board Certified orthopaedic physician, providers and staff members are highly skilled Sports Medicine Specialists and specialize in many other orthopaedic conditions and are committed to providing quality patient care and service.

Joint Restoration & Preservation

Our mission is to save your joint, improve joint function, and reduce your pain with the philosophy of not only repairing the cartilage damage itself, but also correcting the underlying issue that may be related to the damage, such as alignment, deformity, and ligament or meniscal instability.
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Sports Medicine

Our focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries that occur during sports, exercise-related and other physical activity. We offer surgical and non-surgical treatment for conditions and injuries such as ACL sprains and tears, shin splints, ankle sprains, shoulder sprains & rotator cuff tears and elbow, hand, foot and spinal injuries.
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Minimally Invasive / Minimal Incision Procedures

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel, Cubital Tunnel and Trigger Finger Release | PRP Therapy |
BMAC Stem Cell Therapy | Plantar Fascia Repair | Percutaneous Achilles Repair |
Knee and Shoulder Resurface | Discectomy & Spinal Surgery | Single Portal Scope |
Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy
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Foot and Ankle

Tendon Reconstruction & Repair | Bone Care & Repair | Bunion Reconstruction |
Hammer Toe Correction | Arthroscopy | Cartilage Transplantation | Ankle Joint Replacement | Talar Fracture Fixation
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Knee and Leg

ACL Reconstruction | Meniscus Repair | Cartilage Transplantation & Repair | Fractures |
Osteotomy/Bone Realignment | Arthroplasty (Unicompartment) | Patellar Resurfacing
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Hand and Upper Exremity

Nail Bed Reconstruction & Repair | Tendon Reconstruction & Repair |
Tennis Elbow Release | Fracture Care & Repair | Cartilage Repair & Transplantation | Finger Joint Replacement
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Rotator Cuff Repair | Arthroscopy | Fracture Care & Repair | Ligament Reconstruction | Decompression | Injection Therapy
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Arthroscopy | Cartilage Transplant & Repair
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Robotics Assisted Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion | Epidural Injections | Facet Joint Injections |
Sacroiliac Joint Injections | Radio Frequency Ablation | Discography | Nerve Ablation |
Discectomy | Greater Occipital Nerve Injections
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