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Single Portal Scope Imaging

When someone has a knee or shoulder injury, it can be challenging to determine what the injury actually entails and how to treat it without multiple doctor visits and costly imaging such as MRI.

An innovative alternative that Panhandle Orthopaedics now offers is Single Portal Scope Arthroscopy. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes a disposable optical needle with fully integrated camera that allows Dr. Gilmore to immediately diagnose patient joint injuries in office through a handheld tablet. Not only is this useful for diagnosis, it also contains a fully integrated lumen (port), making it possible to provide pain medication to the area using the same device.

A Quicker Diagnosis Can Lead to a Quicker Recover
By choosing single portal scope imaging, the average patient is back to an active lifestyle at least 2 weeks sooner* than with MRI. See diagram below.


Single Portal Scope Timeline


The mi-eye® single portal scope, in a majority of cases, eliminates the need for an MRI and for multiple doctor visits. It can also provide a 98 percent accurate diagnosis within minutes, and it is significantly less expensive compared to current standard care.

*Based on estimated time-frame from radiology testing and results, including follow-up consultation.