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Implantable Pain Relief Stimulators

Provide Long-Lasting, Full-Body Chronic Pain Relief!

There are two types of implantable neurostimulator devices that provide long-lasting, full-body pain relief with wireless power with no dangerous battery implanted inside of your body.

The Freedom SCS System and Freedom PNS System relieve pain by sending electrical stimulation to block those pain signals from reaching the brain. These stimulators provide you with true "freedom" from batteries, cables, and implanted generators while the external compact device uses simple buttons to change therapy levels and can be recharged easily via a micro-USB.

Freedom SCS System (Spinal Cord Stimulator System)

Freedom From The Implantable Battery

The Spinal Cord Stimulator System (SCS) is used to treat chronic intractable pain typically associated with your back and legs by stimulating nerves along your spine. The SCS System is used to treat chronic pain with placement of electrodes in the epidural space of the spinal column.

X-rays of Spinal Implants

The image above illustrates the receptive locations of the minute implants.

Freedom PNS System (Peripheral Nerve Stimulator System)

Full Body Pain Relief

The Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS) is a compact, micro-stimulator system to treat chronic intractable pain by targeting individual nerves throughout your body, including areas such as the knee, shoulder, wrist and foot.

The Freedom Peripheral Nerve Stimulator System (PNS) utilizes the same technology as the Freedom SCS System.

Before either device is implanted permanently, there is typically a trial period to determine if the therapy is effective for your chronic pain. Stimulators are covered by most insurance carriers.


The benefits of Stimulators


Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Freedom Stimulator Work?
The implanted Freedom SCS or PNS device has small metal electrodes near the tip. An electrical field of energy is created when power is applied to the electrodes, which aids in blocking the pain signals. The implant receives energy from the external Wearable Antenna Assembly that includes the transmitter and antenna.

Does Insurance Cover the Implant Cost?
Stimulators are Covered by Most Major Insurance Plans. However, policies vary and Panhandle Orthopaedics will notify the appropriate providers to verify if treatment is allowable.

Will it remove ALL My Pain?
Spinal Cord Stimulation and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation have been clinically proven to reduce chronic pain. Your pain may not be removed entirely, but some patients have reported complete pain relief. Results may vary.

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Hear from a Happy Patient

Four years ago, I injured my sacroiliac joint causing extreme pain in my lower back and down the back and side of my leg. Walking was difficult and there was little relief when sitting. The discomfort and pain would keep me awake at night and causing physical exhaustion and some depression.

I previously had two SI Joint Blocks, and an Ablation which gave me temporary relief for a few months with each procedure and then the pain would return. I did physical therapy off and on again for 3 1/2 years and I was still experiencing constant pain leaving me unable to walk, shop, clean the house, or do other activities.

Then I visited Dr. Gilmore, who explained the Spinal Stimulator Device and suggested I try it. I did the one week trial and was so excited because I was virtually pain free. I was able to resume walking longer distances, go shopping without pain, and do household chores in less time because I did not have to stop every few minutes to rest.

A few weeks after the trial device was removed, the permanent device was placed. I wear it in a flat pouch around my waist with the receiver securely over the area the electrodes are implanted. It has been 7 months and I absolutely LOVE my Spinal Stimulator and I am so grateful for Dr. Gilmore being on top of the most recent technologies to help care for his patients.

Beverly F.


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