Mentoring and Internships at Panhandle Orthopaedics

Panhandle Orthopaedics offers a mentoring program which provides those aspiring to enter the medical field an opportunity to further their knowledge and gain valuable experience at our practice.


Students coming to Panhandle Orthopaedics shadow our providers and gain hands on training (when allowed) during their time with us. We have instructed PA students from Mercer University, Pre-Physical Therapy students from the University of Florida and a student from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.


Dr. Gilmore and his staff are continually looking for ways to give back. If you have a student seeking an internship or who would like to shadow an employee in our practice, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Read the testimonials below to get an an idea about the type of in-depth, learning previous students have experienced.




An Intern's "Affirmed and Strengthened Passion for Healthcare"
While observing Dr. Gilmore and his team, it was exciting to witness a practice whose culture embraces the use of anatomic models, imaging, and the latest technology to uniquely plan and deliver care to each patient. This process not only meant that I learned about the methods of orthopaedic care, but also learned more about how to educate patients (and how his clinic educated patients) about their diagnosis so that they can play an active role in their recovery. Where some practices claim that patients are the priority, this truly seemed to be at the forefront of daily operations as I observed the constant dedication to see patients in a timely and thoughtful manner and make them feel welcomed and comfortable in the clinic.


Before learning from Dr. Gilmore, I had thought that it was commonplace to treat a patient as non-invasively as possible, but learned that many providers do not share this idea. Dr. Gilmore is different because he utilizes other professionals that extend beyond his surgical abilities, understanding that physical therapy can strengthen the body and improve limitations from fascial restrictions in different but effective ways as compared to surgery.


The most intricate work occurs in the surgical centers where Dr. Gilmore and his team work for hours at a time with constant focus on the patient. Having gone to school for biomedical engineering enhanced my appreciation for the technology, tools, and techniques in orthopaedic surgery. Watching his work has complemented my education and only increased the appreciation for biomedical devices and the biomedical sciences as I witnessed how innovations become incorporated into clinical and surgical practice. His constant teaching, focus, explanation of his methods, and determination for excellence, even after hours of standing and laboring away in surgery is only another testament to his dedication to his practice, his patients, and his thoughtfulness for the medical education of students like myself. Shadowing Dr. Gilmore has affirmed and strengthened my passion for healthcare and makes me all the more eager to advance my medical education.


Laura N.

Student Intern



An Intern Describes An "Impactful Learning Experience"

My time shadowing at the Panhandle Orthopedics Clinic in Crestview, FL was nothing short of an impactful learning experience that has helped me choose a career as a Physical Therapist.


Dr. Melanie Broome does an amazing job of integrating the students during therapy sessions by always informing them on the processes, research, and benefits of certain exercises and everything she does. Shadowing was not just merely watching over her shoulder, but instead an insightful lesson on her practice.


Being alongside Dr. Broome, I noticed with every patient that came through, there was a sense of excitement and care she handled with her job, a key aspect that made shadowing there so rewarding. I believe it is with the skills and values that I obtained from my hours at the clinic that will build me up to be a great clinician one day. Thank you Panhandle Ortho!


Frank T.

Senior at University of Florida, Class of 2016,
Health Science Pre-PT Major.