SI Joint Fusion Utilizing Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System

Mazor Robotics technology takes sacroiliac joint fusion procedures to the next level with its consistent accuracy. Furthermore, it better enables minimally-invasive surgery by replacing the surgeon’s need for a direct field-of-view with a surgical guidance system.


How Does the Renaissance Guidance System Work?

Based on your CT-scan, your surgeon will use the system's advanced 3D planning software to plan the optimal surgery customized for your anatomy and diagnosis. Once in the operating room, Renaissance guides your surgeon precisely to the preplanned location where the Rialto SI Joint Fusion procedure will be performed for successful fusion.

>> It is important to note that the system does not cut, or perform any action on your body. Only your surgeon performs the required procedures such as incisions and/or placing implants. Your surgeon is in full control of the system at all times.



Frequently Asked Questions
What Are The Advantages Of Minimally-Invasive Surgery With Renaissance®?
Patients benefit from high levels of accuracy along with the advantages of MIS, in addition to lower complication rates, reduced post-op pain, and faster recovery compared to freehand surgeries.

How Precise Is SI Joint Fusion With Mazor Robotics technology?
The accuracy of Mazor Robotics technology has been clinically validated in studies worldwide. For example, a recently published study demonstrated 98.3 percent accuracy for placing 3,271 implants in 635 cases in 14 international medical centers.


Mazor Guidance with Rialto Joint Fusion Procedure
Once guidance has been iniitated, your surgeon will perform the minimally invasive Rialto SI (sacroiliac) joint fusion procedure.

  1. Your surgeon will make a small incision above the buttock, just below your waist. The incision will be slightly to the left or right of your spine, depending on the area to be treated.
  2. Through a series of steps, a cylindrical threaded device will be placed and packed with autograft and/or allograft to promote bone growth.
  3. Typically, but not always, two devices are placed to provide stability and promote fusion.

About the Rialto SI Joint Fusion Procedure
The Rialto SI Fusion System is intended to stabilize your sacroiliac joint and provide an environment for fusion (joining bones together into one solid structure) to occur.

It consists of cylindrical threaded devices designed to enhance sacroiliac joint fusion. The threaded devices are offered in various lengths to accommodate your anatomy. For fusion of the SI joint, one, two, or three devices may be placed at your surgeon’s discretion.

Lateral vs Posterior Approach

The Rialto SI fusion system uses a unique posterior approach to the SI joint, which means the surgeon enters from your back side. This approach provides easier access for implantation and is also less invasive compared to lateral approach.

Rialto SI Joint Procedure


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