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Fractures and Sprains Handouts

Browse our collection of some of the more common fractures and sprains.

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Ankle Sprain
Ankle sprains are the result of stretching or tearing one or several of the ligaments that hold the ankle joint together. They occur when the ankle is forced to bend further than normal. + View PDF

Low Back Sprain
Lower back pain affects 6 in 10 adults annually. Low back sprain results when the soft tissues of the lower back are stretched or torn. It can result from a sudden injury or from more gradual overuse. + View PDF

Bone Fracture and Sprains
Fractures usually require special treatment such as a sling, splint, or cast. Most sprains, depending on severity, heal in 1 to 2 weeks with simple home treatment. + View PDF

Wrist Fracture
Two of the most common fractures of the wrist are the Colles' fracture (occurring in the radius of the forearm) and the scaphoid fracture (occurring in the carpal bones located near the thumb). + View PDF