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Introducing MACI® Cartilage Repair

Repair knee cartilage defects using your own cells.

MACI, part of our Joint Restoration and Preservation category of treatment, is an ACI (autologous chondrocyte implantation ) procedure that repairs cartilage using the
patient’s own cells
. This minimally invasive procedure provides reduced pain
and improvement in function.*

* Saris D, Price A, Widuchowski W, et al. Matrix-applied characterized autologous
cultured chondrocytes versus microfracture: Two-year follow-up of a prospective randomized trial. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(6):1384-94.

How does MACI work?

A sample of your cartilage cells (chondrocytes) is sent to a laboratory and embedded on
a special collagen membrane which your doctor then implants into your knee.
The cartilage cells regenerate, forming a repair tissue that is able to fill the cartilage
defect. View the video and illustrated steps below.




MACI Step 1: Cartilage Biopsy Taken

STEP 1: During your arthroscopy, a procedure to look inside your knee, your surgeon
will take 2 to 3 pieces of healthy knee cartilage, each about the size of a Tic Tac®, and
send them to the MACI state-of-the-art, FDA-licensed facility.

MACI Step 2: Biopsy Processed

STEP 2: At the facility, your cartilage cells will be treated to help them expand and multiply. Your expanded cells are then placed onto a special membrane and delivered to your surgeon for your procedure.

MACI Step 3: Cells Implanted

STEP 3: The membrane will be customized to match the size and shape of your cartilage defect before it is affixed to the damaged area of your knee cartilage.

MACI Step 4: Regeneration Begins

STEP 4: Once implanted into the damaged area, your cells detach from the membrane, combine with proteins in your knee cartilage, and form a durable repair tissue. This
durable repair tissue continues to mature over time, filling your defect to regenerate the damaged cartilage.

MACI Step 5: Rehabilitation - The Final Step

STEP 5: You will begin a physician-prescribed rehabilitation program specifically designed for you. As you progress through the program, you should begin to experience restored knee function, helping you get back to your active lifestyle.

SUCCESS STORIES - Real People, Real Recovery Stories

View Success Stories on the MACI Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MACI?

MACI is a biologic product used to repair articular cartilage injuries in adults. It uses
your body's cultured cells to form new hyaline-like cartilage in your knee following a
surgical procedure called autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI).

Can any surgeon treat me with MACI?

Only surgeons specially trained in the implantation technique may perform the

Dr. Michael Gilmore is specially trained in MACI surgery. He is one of the leading MACI specialists in the Florida Panhandle and has been successfully performing the procedure for over a 10 years.

Will my insurance cover the procedure?

MACI is covered by most insurance plans. However, it is best to contact us, as well as your insurance provider, to make sure that your particular insurance plan will cover the procedure.

Certified Experience You Can Trust.

Dr. Michael Gilmore, board certified orthopedic surgeon, is one of the leading MACI specialists in the Florida Panhandle and has been successfully treating patients with the MACI procedure for over a decade. Dr. Gilmore and his staff can help you improve your knee joint function, and reduce your pain.

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